The Dark Side of Motivation

Motivation is a funny thing.

Most people would consider it a positive trait. And you know, for the most part, they would be right.

It’s necessary to get things done.

You need motivation to achieve all those crazy goals you have floating in your brain.

I, personally, am a pretty internally motivated person. I don’t have a problem mustering the energy and strength to do anything. Call it curiosity, call it determination, call it dumb obstinance.

But you know, for those like me, those that might have a surplus of drive and motivation, well, there can be problems there too.

It’s unfortunate. So much effort and advice is expended helping people get motivated. To help people get the will to drive towards their dreams. Conversely, there’s almost no discussion of the problems associated with holding on to a dream, a drive, or a mission for too long.

But here’s the thing.

You can hold on too long.

Dreams, once moved from ideas to execution, transform. They mold and move as you spend the time and work creating them from vision to the real. And in that transformation, oftentimes, they develop into something we’re not passionate about. Something different from what we want.

Those of us guided by blind motivation persevere. We keep pushing and pushing. We try to make it work.

But should we?

What do we gain when we build a thing we don’t want?

This isn’t to say don’t fight through the pain. It doesn’t mean to give up when things get hard. It simply means that we should spend a minute or two now and again to make sure that what we’re doing, what we’re driving for, aligns with what we want.

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