Talent is an Excuse

I’ve talked about this before. Most notably here, where I suggested that talent was a lie.

Look, that was slightly disingenuous.

It’s not like I think talent is completely made up.

We all know people that are naturally faster at running or maybe could draw something better out of the gate. I’m sure, at a high level, that talent is and always will be there.

However, I think in our culture we blow it way out of proportion. And the reason we do so is to make apologizes for ourselves.

Let me explain that.

Sure, people have propensities towards a skill set. But how many people can you think of that are successful solely because of their talent?

How many Olympic gold medalists got to where they are just because they were pretty good swimmers? How many best selling novels were just decent at stringing together words? Probably not many. If any.

Let me be explicit here. I believe that is because the majority of people that evoke talent do so as an excuse.

“Oh, I’m just not good at learning languages.” “Oh, I’m just not very musical.”

This pisses me off.

What they’re saying here isn’t to laud those that go out and work for what they want. It’s not a suggestion that this person took their talent and built it into something through hard work. They’re not commending those that have learned a 2nd language or an instrument.

What they’re saying is that this thing someone else achieved came easy to that person. And for the “untalented”? Well, it can be reasonably expected that they shouldn’t have achieved this.

These statements erode the hard work of those that sought after their passion.

It’s simply an excuse.

Talent is an excuse used by people that don’t do to bring down those that do do.

Don’t be that person.

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