An old wooden sign pointing towards an upper lake, lower lake, and hamilton pool road.

So I’m running again! Kind of. Not a lot, and it’s very uncomfortable. The pain isn’t like before, but it’s there. After 8 weeks, or some bullshit like that, I still get that pain after 2 miles or so. Again, nowhere near where it was, but it’s still there. But I don’t care. I’m running….Continue Reading “A Return To Running + The 7 Step Running Injury Cure + Pinning”

Why I train by RPE Instead of Heart Rate or Pace - an example

This is my first running blog. Let’s see how it goes. I wanted to do a quick discussion about my experience using different training methodologies (specifically running by feel) while training for long distance races. Just so we’re clear, this is all anecdotal. If you’re for real interested in training methods, you should read some…Continue Reading “Why I Train by RPE Instead of Heart Rate or Pace”