New Year, New Plan

Alright, let’s talk about exactly what I plan on doing now that this new year is in full swing.

I know I said in my last post that I was changing things up. The past is gone and the future is now, but that doesn’t mean I have no goals nor that I want to pursue certain activities in the new year.

In fact, my goals are staying pretty close to what we’re used to around here. What’s changing is the method that I will use to achieve them.

I’m no longer in a place where I feel like I have to force myself to work towards things. The inertia has been broken, so it’s less about getting myself in a chair, and more about I can drive myself towards certain goals without burning out.

To begin with, in December I started bullet journaling. I wanted a way to simplify and offline my work. I felt like I was spending a little too much time in front of a computer.

The reason that’s relevant is that the structure of the journal has impacted my goal charting. I’ve moved towards more of a monthly habit tracker as opposed to my previous 90-day goals and two-week sprint.

On top that, I’m implemented Matt D’Avella’s 2-day rule. The long and short is that you can never miss more than two days in a row of a habit.

So to summarize, I have a list of hobbies, activities, whatever you want to call them, that I will work for this month, and I have to hit each one of them at least every other day.

K, here are the actual things:

  • French Practice – anything and everything
  • Spanish Practice – anything and everything
  • Write – This can be blog posts, fiction, or songwriting
  • Exercise – it’s important, y’all
  • Reading
  • Spending no money
  • Not consuming sugar (includes booze)

So there you go. I think you can tell that it’s a pretty slimmed-down version of habit tracking than what I was used to. But as I said above, I’m at a point where I think flexibility and simplicity are going to lead me further down the path.

What will you do this month?

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