Life + Stress

Let’s talk about stress.

Stress can be good. Stress can be bad.

Who gives a shit.

None of that matters, because at some point, probably at many points, it’s going to rear its ugly head, and you’ll be knee-deep in it.

And when you’re in it, it’s going to fuck up everything up.

Trust me. I know.

I’ve been pretty deep in it myself as of late, and I’ve seen the negative impact it’s had on everything I’m trying to get done.

Cause if you’re a doer, and I assume you are or you wouldn’t be hanging around this shady part of the internet, you’re normal life is already busy. It’s already kind of stressful.

Add that extra bit of stress to the equation and the whole pile comes crashing down like a house of cards when the air conditioner flips on.

If you’re me, and it gets real bad, you just stop doing everything.

Here are some tips that I’ve figured out to deal with that.

  • Give in. Don’t worry about it. Life is hard, and sometimes you gotta chuck your goals to the curb and take the loss. Better to take the break now than burnout and screw up an even longer period of potentially productive behavior.
  • Slow down. Make you don’t have to give in, but you can readjust until the principal offender resolves itself.
  • Use systems that take into account longer time frames. I, personally, look at 90-day goals. Rarely will your major stressful event last this long. (at least I hope not). A system that accounts for the bumps and hills over a time period will help you keep momentum even when the going gets tough.

Hope this helps!

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