I’ve Stopped Following my Advice

If you’ve been around, you know I have a fairly rigorous system of goal setting and achievement built around a system of sprints and time and this and that.

And to be clear, I think this system is great.

I wandered around for years lamenting how I had failed to achieve the things I wanted to do. I wasted away countless hours doing nothing, hobbled by own lack of motivation or inertia.

But here’s the thing.

I’ve been living with this system for 3 years now.

And I kind of feel like the system is so internalized in me at this point. That I’ve gone down this road for so long. That I no longer need the crutch of the nuts and bolts of this system to keep me going.

So for now, I have stopped.

That does not mean I have stopped trying to reach my goals. It does not mean I have stopped working on my language journeys, my writing, my songwriting.

In fact, stopping is probably not even a good word for it.

I’d say I’ve graduated.

I’ve graduated from the system and have emerged on the other side a different human. I am now a doer. I am an achiever.

I will take my learnings and set off on new challenges and see what they uncover.

So what’s the lesson for you, or anyone else. Where’s your value?

I think the point is that all systems are just that. Systems. They’re meant to guide you down a path. But they can only take you so far. And at some point, you’ll have to say goodbye to your guide and see what it feels to be on the open road alone.

Talk to you soon!

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