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ITBS + Authenticity - an example

2nd blog post of this type and it starts with a whimper.


Last time I told you that during my long run my knee started hurting pretty bad on the side. It was ITBS. I knew what it was when it happened. It’s pretty much the one injury I get, and a combination of new shoes and an uptick in miles caused it….I guess. I presume it locked up my hips, but this is speculation. I’m pained with how cliché that is.

But still. It’s really obnoxious. Seems like I should be able to just run around without my body turning on me. I decide to take a week off. I have a half marathon road race scheduled for the 16th that isn’t super important to me, but I would like to finish it without feeling stabbing pains in my knee.

So I take this week off. It was actually a good thing. I feel I was cranking up the volume too much, too fast, and I had other symptoms of overreaching. I didn’t do anything except one 30 minute session on the exercise bike, which sucked, cause exercise bikes suck.


So we’re a week off, it’s time to go. I’m feeling fantastic because I haven’t run in a week, and think I’m going to burn up a 10 miler today. Probably at like a 2-minute mile pace. That’s how great I’m feeling. I even put on my road racing shoes, cause I never wear them and they’re cool looking and fast.

Super fast kicks

I crank up the mill, which is as horrible as the exercise bike. The belt skips and it takes 10 minutes to get up to pace, but it’s a super cold and rainy day and  I don’t want to get my fast shoes all fucked up with mud, lest they look less slick.

So I get going, and 1 mile in I’m like fuck. It hurts.

So I stop.

I watch all the youtube videos on knee pain and realize that no one has any idea what they’re talking about. I glean that I have some form of muscles, and they do something, and sometimes that something turns against you.

In the meantime, I’ve continued rolling it (which hurts worse than the real injury), and I might start doing that Myrtle routine for my hips. I’ll add a little praying and crying for good measure.  

My monthly running goal is probably fucked. Whatever.


I guess you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t because no one reads this blog, but if you do, you’ve noticed that I’ve split my blog into two different categories: metaphors and examples. The “metaphors” will be my classic posts about where my mind’s at in setting and achieving goals. The “examples” will be more about how terrible it is to actually follow that advice, and how hard it is to do anything productive for yourself in the world.

The big takeaway is that you’ll try and it’ll make your knee hurt. Sorry, I guess I’m in a cynical place right now.

Long story short, I’m still going to do my regular posts, but I was feeling that there was something sterile about them. They lacked an authenticity: like there wasn’t a person here. No there there.  

And for me, this wasn’t a marketing or promotional problem. It wasn’t like I thought people would get bored, even though they probably do.. I was more concerned that there was too much of a break between what I really am and what was coming up on the screen.

This made me rethink about authenticity and vulnerability.

I think we could all stand to be more authentic. The old internet is a double edge. The mass of info lends itself to give windows into other people’s lives, which is great because it allows us to experience empathy and connection. It also allows us to cultivate fake lives, which depresses us.

I’d prefer the former.

I don’t know if I’ll get to where I want to get to, but I’m going to give it a go. Hell, I don’t even know if it’s possible to be your true self. If such a thing is even real. But I think we can strive, and towards this goal, and find out what works together.

Maybe I’ll write a longer metaphor post on this.

That’s it for today.

ITBS / Authenticity

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