A focused purple flower with a blurry pastoral landscape

There’s this insidious little rumor going around that having too many hobbies or interests is a bad thing?  Here’s the spoiler, if you’re not one for long intros: you can’t.  I don’t give a shit what anyone tells you. I don’t give a shit what anyone believes. There are no rules, spoken, written, or otherwise,…Continue Reading “Focus isn’t the Answer to Having too Many Interests”

3 Ways to not fuck you your new year's resolution - a metaphor

I’m not really big on New Year’s resolutions. I figure there’s nothing all that special about a new year, and there’s no good reason you can’t make up your mind to do anything you want any day of the year. April 12th, October 27th: all of these are great days to get started towards something…Continue Reading “3 Ways to Not Fuck Up a New Year’s Resolution”

Be Creative Every Day - a metaphor

Let’s talk about breaking inertia. A lot of people want to start a creative pursuit, or just be more creative in general. They want to write a story, paint a picture, learn an instrument, etc. The problem, at least most of the time, is fitting these pursuits into our daily lives. They seem to fall…Continue Reading “Be Creative Every Day: & a list to help you get started”

How I Schedule My Life: The Sprint Method - a metaphor

In my last post, I talked a bit about how I organize my day-to-day activities. We also went deeper on the flexible approach I use to decide how much time I have to devote to my passions per week. In this post, I’m going to outline my complete, day-to-day tracking method. I use this method…Continue Reading “How I Schedule my Life: The Sprint Method (part 2)”

How I Schedule My Life: Evaluating Time - a metaphor

Finding time for your passions is a tricky subject. I do a lot of things. Most of these things aren’t really built around the idea of generating income. In fact, most are little niche craft hobbies (I call them artistic endeavors, which may or may not be self-aggrandizing). On top of that, there’s just general interest stuff that…Continue Reading “How I Schedule My Life: Evaluating Time (part 1)”