Don’t Measure Growth

Growth. Progress. Momentum.

These are the things we love.

We love them because they offer a quantifiable way to manage and understand our life.

There’s a reason every story revolves around the clear and simple revelation of growth and change.

But here’s the thing, stories are just that. Stories.

They are the isolation of a specific desire that resides in us. They are not real life, no matter how much they look like one. They are curation, a refinement.

In the real world, the majority of our growth is fundamentally unknowable. And for that reason, it’s folly to measure it.

Sure, at the beginning of your journey it might clearly be there. You’ll see it growing and building. But once you pass over through that first doorway, you’ll fee stalled out and lost. You’ll want to give up because that growth isn’t there.

But the payoff, the real growth, the true transformations, these things happen in between periods of deep stagnation.

For this reason, those that measure growth often fail.

Instead, measure time spent, not clear outcomes. See tasks and education as an immersive activity, not a trajectory of growth.

Everything is a process. Don’t forget.

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