Don’t Do Anything

Somedays I don’t feel like doing a damn thing.

These days, I don’t.

I try not to ever do it 2 days in a row, and I few other rules like that. But overall, if I’m feeling spent on everything in life, I’ll just veg for a day.

Really, I kind of hate the whole advice of forcing yourself to just do it.

Sure, some people need help getting started. And believe me, if you’ve spent the last 10 years not doing a damn thing, yeah, you should just force yourself.

But for those of us already working towards what we want to work towards, taking a break is fine. In fact, often, we underestimate the amount of collective stress adding up in our lives. We underestimate how burnt out we really are.

If you’re exercising a ton, have a million things happening at work, and moving all at the same time. Well, yeah, your hobbies or whatever are going to suffer.

Make space.

Take a break.

& don’t worry about it.

This is the biggest reason I don’t set daily goals, but 90-day goals and biweekly sprints.

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