Building Flavors

I’ve been watching a lot of Top Chef reruns on Hulu with the family.

One concept they’re always talking about is building flavors. It’s effectively cooking down various ingredients until the essence of the flavor spills out in its boldest and truest form.

What a metaphor!

And what’s striking is that to build these flavors it isn’t so much about the ingredient, I mean it is, but it’s also about the length of time they have with them.

How long can they cook it or them together?

How long can they just sit there and simmer?

It’s this time that really allows the dish to blossom. Not the chef’s fancy knife work or innovative plating. It’s just the time that collection of ingredients sat in a pot together overheat.

Those that rush and complicate, they pretty much always lose.

It’s the ones that get the right combo of flavors and let them simmer.

My advice to you? Follow suit.

More about this here.

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