A Return To Running + The 7 Step Running Injury Cure + Pinning

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So I’m running again! Kind of.

Not a lot, and it’s very uncomfortable. The pain isn’t like before, but it’s there. After 8 weeks, or some bullshit like that, I still get that pain after 2 miles or so. Again, nowhere near where it was, but it’s still there.

But I don’t care. I’m running. And frankly, running with pain is better than not running at all.

This is what a sickness looks like, people

Honestly, I can’t tell if the problem is really my knee still, or if I’m just out of shape.

Probably both?

Luckily, my time in pain has come with learnings, which I shall share with you now.

How to Cure your Knee in 7 Long, Painful Steps

Step 1) Take 2 weeks off

Step 2) Try running again and enjoy the immeasurable sense of disappointment as the sensation of pain permeates over your body as if your injury had only acutely began yesterday

Step 3) Cry alone to yourself and hope your wife doesn’t catch you

Step 4) Spend uncountable hours on the internet searching for why your body and nature betrayed you

Step 5) Obsessively try everything you found on the internet at the same time

Step 6) Try running again; achieve same results

Step 7) Get caught crying by your child and attempt to convince him that you ate something spicy

Step 8) Truly believe you’re getting fat/get fat

Step 8) Realize 8 weeks has past and decide that life is pain. Return to your regularly scheduled running accepting the intense pain on your knee as your only true partner in life. Cry while running

So to surmise how to cure your knee pain: I have no fucking clue. NO.FUCKING.CLUE.

I’m done the exercise with straps. I’ve done clams and leg raises. One legged squats. Did the yoga. Stretched the fuck out of it. Rolled that fucking thing until whatever last piece of decency in me died. Took ibuprofen until my liver liquified.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’ve come to realize that nothing I’ve done up to this point has changed anything.

Long story short, I’m just gonna ignore it.

Life is pain.

If I’m an injured piece of shit now, well I can accept that.

I’m just no longer going to allow it to impact my fitness.

Counter intuitive? HIgh risk for increased problems? Dumb idea?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Put a Pin in it

So those of you following along with the goals I set for myself know that one of my big time sucks this year was SEO/Blog promotion. This has been tedious.

It’s ridiculous. I literally work as a marketer, but it’s been super difficult for me to promote my posts. I imagine it’s an internal block more than the actual work. It’s a little shameful, rambling like this on the internet. But, I’m pushing along, scheduling social stuff and building up my SEO.

One of the bloggers who writes about blogging (so meta) that I kind of follow is Melyssa Griffin, and she strongly suggests that you leverage Pinterest as an SEO platform. So I said sure, why the fuck not.

Well, here’s the thing. None of the images I’ve made really fit the size suggestions to make them actually look like something that someone would give a shit about on Pinterest. I guess they prefer them to be a 2:3 ratio?

So this was fine, whatever. I go through and I change every fucking image, which took short of an eternity, but that’s totally cool because it was kind of mindless, and I did it in the background while the kids were watching reruns of America’s got Talent.

(Side note: America apparently does not got talent)

Anyway, the bigger problem is that this opened up all sorts of doors. I soon learned that the featured images I was using on my blog weren’t really size compatible with Facebook and Twitter, They prefer some weird image size of 1:1.91 ration. And I was like 1:1.75, so all sorts of things were being cut off in their rendering.

So guess what, I made another 50 or whatever images.


I mean, fuck you internet. SO now I have to make 3 versions of an image to push all this silliness onto the web in a favorable, amenable manner. I guess in the back of my mind I already knew all this to be true, but I still find it frustrating.

But these are the growing pains of learning. I shall persevere.

Anyway, feel free to go over to my Pinterest and check it out my progress!

In the meantime I’ll be running on with broken ass body.

All the love.

A Return To Running + The 7 Step Running Injury Cure + Pinning

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