A Pivot in Strategy

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

I’m changing this blog.

It’s been increasingly apparent to me that I’ve been moving this blog in a direction that might not be the way I actually envisioned it, or want it to go.

Call it a misstep, call it peer pressure, I don’t know, call it whatever you want. But it feels like I’ve been trying to build some cookie-cutter (rather unsuccessful) business here instead of pursuing what I really want to do. And that just makes things.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts. I enjoy building things. I enjoy writing books and making songs. And word count, SEO styled blogging was corrupting that.

All these things to boost traffic and satisfy the interwebs were stealing from that principle mission.

Things like building out a Pinterest profile or worrying about social media.

So we pivot.

I’m still going to blog. I’m just going to do it more informally, more frequently, with lower word counts. And I’ll be doing it solely on my terms.

I know I’m only 2 weeks into my quarterly goals, but to hell with them. Goals are only valuable when they drive you to your destination.

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