3 reasons to read, and 1 reason to Not

Why Read

One – Info

Cheap information. For real, the written word is the cheapest and most broadly available conveyor of information ever. Been that way for so, so long. Words are all over the internet. And when the lights go out, they’re written on paper in books. 

And to add to that, because it’s so cheap and easily created, books offer us the opportunity to get DEEP into a topic. A depth you’ll never experience through more immediate and costly mediums such as video or blog posts.

Go check out a library. Tons of words. 

Two – Empathy

Reading helps you cultivate empathy. Very few mediums allow you to experience life through another person’s point of view like books.

Sure, a movie can give you a hint of it, but movies are always an objective perspective due to the restrictions of the camera. As far as I know, there’s no good way to get one inside a person’s brain.

Books, not a problem. In fact, it’s common.

So go read some novels and experience a different reality. 

Three – Inspiration

Reading, because of its availability (see above), has a way of motivating us. Whether it’s a novel of someone traveling to an exotic land, or a book teaching us a new skill, reading has a way of sparking our imagination and drive in whole new ways.

And we can all use a little spark.

Why Not Read

One – The opposite of active is passive

Reading is great, for all the reasons listed above. And there are probably countless other reasons you could list with a little bit of thought.


Yes, that’s a big but. At the end of the day, when you read, you’re absorbing someone else’s ideas and work. And that is fundamentally a passive activity.

Being passive is fine, but only when mixed in with equal parts action. So, why not add to the conversation by producing your own content.

Input is important, but so is output. Balance is key.

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