2019 Goals – Q1 Review

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We’re a quarter deep into 2019! Oh how time flies! Today I’ll be looking at how I did in the first quarter vis-a-vis my goals.

Like all beginnings, this one came with some…adaptations. I’ll talk about that. I’ll also outline what went well, what did not, and what I learned going into the rest of the year

Here we go.

What I Thought I’d Do

Let’s go back in time 3 months, and see what I said I’d do.

Here are my 2019 goals.

In case you hate links, here’s what they looked like this:

Blog Posts: 48 on the year, but I broke them down categorically as such:

  • Regular “metaphor” blog posts – 8
  • Quarterly Check ups and Goal setting – 5
  • Informal and shorter “example” Posts – 35

SEO/Blog Infrastructure: 20 hours

Music: 5 songs, written, recorded, mastered, published and posted

Language: 350 hours.

Reading: 5,200 pages.

Running: 12,000 miles and about 5 races.

Meditation: 5 times a week.

Daily Affirmations: 5 times a week.

Dream Journal: On the reg.

Minimalist Living: Only buy 10 physical items all year.  

Again, you can go back here to get more context on each of these.

A Reassessment

As seems to be the norm, it took me about a month to say to hell with these numbers. We had a pretty intense start to the year on a personal level, and it made me panic about the time I was spending on all this.

The thing personal goals is that you always have to be out performing them. If you get too far back, you enter the dangerous world of playing catch-up. That’s a fast track to burn out.

Don’t forget, the point of this system is maintain balance. You don’t want to be a lazy sack, but you also don’t want to explode. I talk about that there.

So here are the changes.

Blog Posts: Went from 48 to 38

  • Regular “metaphor” blog posts – from 8 to 6
  • Quarterly Check ups and Goal setting – 5 (stayed the same)
  • Informal and shorter “example” Posts – from 35 to 27

SEO/Blog Infrastructure: This actually went up from 20 hours to 35 hours. Most of this work is pretty mindless, so with the cuts, I thought I’d get more promotional.

Language: From 350 hours to 300 hours.

That’s it! It doesn’t look like that big of a change, but it felt like a world of difference.

How’s it Going?

In a perfect world, I’d be 25% done with each of my goals. I’m not. Overall, I’m at 36%, but it’s not an even cut.

Here’s the blow by blow:

Blog Posts

10 of 38 done – 26%

  • Metaphor Posts – 1 of 6 – 17%
  • Goal Posts (not counting this one) – 2 of 5 – 40%
  • Example Posts – 8 of 27 – 30%

This is the category that I’m tracking most closely on goal. Check out my Daily Writing Habit post to see why.

SEO/Blog Infrastructure

991 out of 2,100 minutes – 47%

Front loading!


0 out of 5 done – 0%

Really hoping this doesn’t go the way of my fiction writing from last year. Namely, I don’t do it. I really feel I’ll get to it, but I’ll probably do it all in one big block. Again, though, that’s what I said about my fiction writing last year.

See here to watch the progression of my failure on that front.


6,011 out of 18,000 – 33%

This is always the beast because it takes so.god.damn.long to learn a language properly.

I’m feeling pretty good at this point with my progress.


3,081 out of 5,200 pages – 59%

Reading’s easy


134 out of 1,200 miles – 11%

Oh god. I had an injury, as you probably have heard in my countless posts about it. Kind of panicking, but still have hope.


Meditation, Daily Affirmations & Dream Journal

I’ve been slacking on all of this. I don’t  measure it the same way I do my other goals, but I can tell you I haven’t been doing well. And it’s really for no particuar reason. Just laziness.

I’ll recommit in the next quarter.

Minimalist Living:

I’ve bought 5 things, but 2 were running shoes. And, per my rules, those don’t really count. Still, don’t have anything I “want” so I’m feeling pretty good that I’ll do okay on this one.

Reflections & Going Forward

All in, I feel that I came out of the gate strong. Some of that was my fudging the numbers, but I think everything I have left on the list is doable in the next 9 month.

Back to it!

2019 Goals - Q1 Review

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