2018 Goals

If you’ve seen my other posts on how I organize my time, you know I like to sort my endeavors, passions, examples, whatever you want to call them by short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

For me, short-term means the immediate 2-week cycle I’m in, which I call a sprint. Mid-term, I think of these in quarters of the year. Long-term I, of course, get further out. For ease, this time I’m thinking about a year. In short, this year. 2018.

So what do I hope to get done this year? Well, I’m glad you asked. Cause that’s what we’ll be talking about today! Hopefully, it will give you some ideas of what you can get done this year too.

Let’s set some goals


I like to start this process by thinking about some high-level goals I’d really like to accomplish in general.

Here’s what I came up with.

My Blog:

You’ll find that my blog, this blog, is in the center of a lot of my projects. The reason is that it provides a publishing platform where I can post things and call them “done,” for lack of a better word. To that end, this year I’ll be posting more than just articles on this sucker. I’ll be using it to post other examples of my work. Still, I would like to emerge at the end of 2018 with at least some published articles. So that’ll have to be considered.


I like writing and recording songs, but I tend to leave too many half done projects. I’m either writing out half-completed ideas or endlessly tweaking bad recordings. I’d like to get something final this year and posted on the blog.

Fiction Writing:

I’ve got tons of fiction content I’ve written over years from participating in Nanowrimo. None of it’s done, none of it’s close to final, none of it is really even any good. Still, I’ve been flirting with the idea of turning some of it into some pulp serial fiction for no other reason than good fun. Add it to the mix.


This is a big one. I’ve been floundering in this puddle for too long. This is the year I finally reach a high-intermediate stage in Spanish. A top that, I’d like to start making my way in Italian. This will take many hours.


5200 pages to read. Same as last year. Gotta keep them smarts.

The Real #s

Okay, I’ve got my categories. Let’s put some real numbers behind these goals now, and see just how ambitious of a plan this is.

Blog posts:

12 on the year (this one counts). Well, 12 blog things. It might be 11 or 10, substituting  a few infrastructural development projects for posts. But, long and short, 12 things.


12 final songs, written, recorded, mastered, published and posted

Fiction writing:

30,000 words published. I see these happening in 5,000 – 6,000 word segments. This comes out to 6 to 5 segments. #math


This is masochistic – 300 hours of Spanish, 150 hours of Italian.


Like I said above, 52,000 pages.


So that’s the year. And below is what it would look like in a clean broken out quarters:



Quarterly Goal Time per activity

Total quarterly time in minutes (mostly guessing)


3 posts 60



3 songs no idea



7500 words no idea 650


150 hours Obvious


Reading 1300 pages Page a minute


Total Time



So that’s around 196 hours.

Split it by 13 weeks, that’s a little over 15 hours a week. Ugh.



This is far more ambitious than anything I did last year. Last year I shot for no more than 7 hours per week, or 14 hours per 2-week sprint. I mean, I do have a family, job, dogs, etc.

But there’s a few things that need to be noted.

  1. I have no idea how long the writing or music stuff will take me. Maybe it’ll take shorter than expected? I very much hope it doesn’t take longer!
  2. The language thing is what’s eating up all the time. This is WAY more time than I gave it last year. I mean, I had a total of 52 hours last year, so I’ve effectively multiplied that by 9. BUT, I’m going to be more inclusive into what I count into that time. Everything will be added to it: watching shows, talking with my Spanish speaking friends, listening to podcast etc. So it won’t all just be deep studies. That should free me up by letting me do a little in the car and what not.
  3. If it gets too much I’ll adapt! These are goals, guys and gals. They’re meant to be aspirational! If something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give. There’s no reason I can’t adapt and drop my final output. I want to set ambitious goals, but I don’t want to set unachievable goals that do little more than dismay me.


So there it is!  I’m excited to see what you all have planned this year for your own examples!

Already have my first sprint calendar ready!


2018 Goals

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