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What can you get done in a day? How about a week, a year? What about 5 years? Probably less than you want, right? What’s up with this compulsion? We live in a world obsessed with “hacking” our productivity. We want to squeeze the most out of every moment. We’re terrified of the passing of…Continue Reading “How to Transform Yourself a Little Each Day Through The Power of Incremental Progress”

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Where does creativity come from? Our brains, right? Okay, not funny. But it’s telling, right? People spend lifetimes wanting and waiting for inspiration to hit them. They think if they want it hard enough, a muse will wander by and whisper beautiful things into their ear. Bad news, this won’t happen. Creativity begins and ends…Continue Reading “5 Quintessential Ways to Activate your Creativity for Writers & Songwriters”

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How long does it take to read a book?  What about writing a book? How about learning a language? How fast, just guess, can you learn a language? Unless you’re learning how to boil an egg, whatever it is you want to learn is going to take time. This seems obvious. But the idea that…Continue Reading “How Life Hacks Train You to Fail, or Everything You Want Takes Longer Than You Think”

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I’ve got this suspicion. I think you want to be more. I think what you are right now is not the fullness of what you want to be. What you always wanted to be. I think, deep down, that you think you’re more.  You believe you were meant to be more. Now I don’t mean…Continue Reading “How To Be Exactly Who You Want to Be Without Losing Who You Already Are”

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There’s this insidious little rumor going around that having too many hobbies or interests is a bad thing?  Here’s the spoiler, if you’re not one for long intros: you can’t.  I don’t give a shit what anyone tells you. I don’t give a shit what anyone believes. There are no rules, spoken, written, or otherwise,…Continue Reading “Focus isn’t the Answer to Having too Many Interests”

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So I’m running again! Kind of. Not a lot, and it’s very uncomfortable. The pain isn’t like before, but it’s there. After 8 weeks, or some bullshit like that, I still get that pain after 2 miles or so. Again, nowhere near where it was, but it’s still there. But I don’t care. I’m running….Continue Reading “A Return To Running + The 7 Step Running Injury Cure + Pinning”